Neal Beggs

From our house to the summit of Europe
text by Neal Beggs

The film work 'From our house to the summit of Europe' is derived from a walk (of the same name) I made in 2009 from my home close to Nantes to the summit of Mont Blanc, a distance of 762km.
An important point to mention when discussing the films is that whilst the films are intrinsically linked to the walk they are also independent of it. I will try to explain what I mean by this. [...]

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Shipsides and Beggs Project at the Death Of Delawab 2010
Text by Slavka Sverakova

Both works imaged here are conceived as becoming unforgettable, their forms kept simple under the dominance of a related narrative.  Willingness to challenge convention is included within the concept of the artist - the oscillation between a professional artist and an amateur. [...]

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